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Images surface of Motorola's XT907 for Verizon — a budget RAZR for back to school?

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images are surfacing of a Motorola LTE handset for Verizon bearing the number XT907. The phone features Motorola's familiar Kevlar back and an HD video camera.

xt912 (alibaba)
xt912 (alibaba)

Last week we got our first look at official images of Motorola’s Atrix HD for ATT, and now images are surfacing of another new Motorola LTE handset, this time for Verizon. Other than 4G radios, the phone features an HD video camera, and has similar design cues to other Motorola devices like the Atrix HD, Droid RAZR, and yet-to-be announced Droid RAZR HD, including the familiar Kevlar back. Pictures on China’s Alibaba site show that the phone’s model number is XT907, which as Droid Life points out, is lower than the Droid RAZR’s XT912 (and the XT916 of the RAZR MAXX), which means this could likely be a budget Droid timed for a back-to-school release.