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The Vergecast is live today at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 4PM GMT / 5PM BST

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Josh, Paul and Nilay go live from the studio at noon today!

vergecast big
vergecast big

Obviously the biggest news of the week is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced. The LA TImes is reporting that Katie used "disposable" cellphones to talk to her lawyer and orchestrate her divorce. I've gone over our product database a few times and unfortunately we don't have any listings for disposable phones. All of this begs the question, which carrier did Katie use? Do you think it was Boost Mobile? I'd like to think she was push-to-talking with her lawyers.

Josh, Nilay and Paul will be back in the studio to discuss the week's news, and possibly the divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. We'll be live starting at Noon EDT. Get to the stream early so you can buy the tour shirt, get a drink, and start crowd surfing. If you're interested in playing The Vergecast Home Game, you just check out Verge Bingo.

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