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FBI lets everyone use the Anti-Piracy Warning seal

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The FBI is changing a rule governing the use of its Anti-Piracy Warning seal, allowing all copyright holders to use the seal, for free, and without registering for copyright protection.

fbi anti-piracy seal (fbi)
fbi anti-piracy seal (fbi)

When your business is based on producing copyrighted works, being a member of a big industry association gets you some serious benefits, not least of which is the ability to slap the FBI’s great anti-piracy warning seal (above) on the things you create. Well, a new rule from the Bureau is letting all copyright holders use the seal (for free, no less), meaning you'll be able to plaster it on all your creations, without the need to register for copyright protection, and regardless of whether you’re a member of the "big five" industry associations (the RIAA, MPAA, BSA, ESA, and SIIA) or not.

The rule doesn’t go into effect for another 30 days, which means you might want to hold off before you print that next batch of CD inserts. And then, there’s always that trade-off — do you throw the seal on there to show everyone how professional and copyright-conscious you are? Or do you give people that spend money for your creations the benefit of the doubt, and not treat them all like potential thieves?