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SkyDrive for Windows updated with new status window and refreshed logo

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Microsoft has updated its SkyDrive for Windows app and refreshed the logo of its cloud storage service.

SkyDrive logo
SkyDrive logo

Microsoft has bumped its SkyDrive for Windows app to version 16.4.6003.0710,. The latest version includes a number of performance, reliability, and compatibility updates for the service, but it features a new status window option. Status window will reveal the sync status of SkyDrive for Windows in a small toast pop up after a user clicks the SkyDrive icon in the system tray. It also provides the number of megabytes and files that are currently syncing.

The software maker also unveiled a refresh icon for SkyDrive as part of the update. Discussing the upcoming release of Windows 8, Microsoft's Mike Torres says the company felt "the time was right" to redesign its SkyDrive logo. "The refreshed logo is a natural evolution of the work we’re doing across Microsoft to deliver a more consistent experience across all of our products."

With rumors of a further update to SkyDrive later this month, Microsoft's minor bump to its desktop app could lay the path for further improvements to the service. Microsoft is currently preparing a Milestone 3 release of SkyDrive, due at the end of the month. Leaked documents suggest the release will include improvements to the company's iPad app, simple file sharing, and online web interface. Microsoft's Milestone 4 update to SkyDrive, expected later this year, will also reportedly include Android support and a new Recycle Bin feature.