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Rovio's 'Amazing Alex' coming to PC, Mac, and Windows Phone

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Rovio has revealed its plans to bring Amazing Alex to PC, Mac, and Windows Phone.

amazing alex
amazing alex

Angry Birds developer Rovio has confirmed that its latest Amazing Alex game will launch on PC, Mac, and Windows Phone. Amazing Alex, a physics-based puzzle, launched on iOS and Android earlier this week with no immediate news of a Windows Phone variant. Unlike the controversy surrounding Angry Birds Space, Rovio has made it clear that the game will launch on Windows Phone handsets at some point in the future.

In a Twitter post on the company's official Amazing Alex account, a spokesperson reveals versions for PC, Mac, and Windows Phone "are to come later, post launch!" It's not immediately clear whether Rovio will simply take advantage of Windows Phone 8's improved native code and DirectX support, or whether the game will be available to existing Windows Phone 7.5 users. Rovio previously committed to bringing its games to Windows Phone "as soon as possible," revealing that it is working with Nokia on "innovative new consumer products and content exclusive for Nokia Lumia smartphones." That could mean that Amazing Alex may arrive as a Nokia Windows Phone exclusive, similar to PGA Tour and ESPN.