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Study shows Democrats have 'broader music tastes' than Republicans

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Democrats favor Rihanna while Republicans tend to stick with country music star Kenny Chesney, according to a study by Echo Nest CTO Brian Whitman.

Political music tastes graph
Political music tastes graph

According to a new blog post from Brian Whitman, CTO of music analysis firm Echo Nest, Democrats have music tastes more than 40 percent broader than their Republican counterparts. In the study, only half-serious, Whitman used Echo Nest's vast library of "taste profile" data, the same information that helps power apps such as Spotify and MOG. Feeding the data into a machine learning algorithm, he was only able to achieve a combined prediction rate of 0.4 for Democrats, half the rate of Republicans. Further investigation showed that "for every 10 unique musical types Democrats listen to, Republicans listen to just 7." Whitman also analyzed correlations between particular artists and political affiliation, with Kenny Chesney favored by Republicans and Rihanna skewing strongly Democratic. Head over to his blog for the full results.