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Nokia Transport comes out of beta, version 2.1 now rolling out

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Version 2.1 of Nokia's Transport app is now available, bringing improved options for finding public transportation.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020
Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020

Last month Nokia released a public beta for version 2.1 of its Transport app, and now the commercial release is finally available. The app makes it easier for Lumia Windows Phone users to use public transportation, letting you search for bus and train routes, along with arrival and departure times. You can also use the app to find the closest transportation option to your current location and there's an option to pin favorite destinations to the start screen, among other features.

Nokia says that the routes and departure times will be available in more than 100 cities, while over 450 cities will receive estimated route options without timetables. There are plans to increase those numbers in the future. The free app runs on the Lumia 610, 710, 800, and 900 and should be available in the Windows Phone Marketplace within the next day or two — Nokia explains that there "might be a publishing delay" depending on what country you're in. You can see it in action in the video below.