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Microsoft publishes Office Next blog as rumors point to imminent beta announcement

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Microsoft has published the Office Next blog, which it says will be a resource where engineers working on the company's next-generation productivity suite will discuss new improvements, design choices, and the data / customer feedback that influence those decisions.

Office Next blog
Office Next blog

On the heels of rumors suggesting we're just days away from an announcement pertaining to Microsoft's next version of Office, the company has unveiled what's it's calling the Office Next blog. Described as a resource where engineers working on the productivity suite will discuss new improvements and design choices, Microsoft also promises to share the data and user feedback that influence key decisions. The inaugural post sees PJ Hough, Vice President of Program Management for Office, sharing some positive early buzz from those testing a technical preview announced back in January. Describing the product as "the most transformational release" he has worked on, Hough seems eager to share further details on the latest iteration of Microsoft's next-generation Office software. If rumors pan out, thankfully it seems we might not be in for a long wait.