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Watch this: the interactive story of Ramayana in Google Chrome

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To highlight the versatility of Chrome's Developer tools, Google has created an interactive version of the story of Ramayana that lets you play your way through the narrative.

the story of ramayana
the story of ramayana

The story of Ramayana is a timeless Sanskrit narrative cherished by Indian culture, but what does it have to do with Google Chrome? As one of Google's newest Chrome Experiments, The Story of Ramayana is an interactive tech demo that lets you to play your way through the narrative using mini-games, draggable windows, and even Google Talk chat rooms. Divided into seven parts, this collaborative effort between Google, Fantasy Interactive, and OgilvyOne demonstrates the versatility of Chromes' developer tools. To follow Prince Rama's journey through a world made of HTML5 and JavaScript give Google's take on the story of Ramayana a try.