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90 Seconds on The Verge: Friday, July 13th, 2012

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Three weeks later, we're at episode 14. That's 1,260 seconds in theory and 1,275 seconds in practice (blame it on time dilation in the first two episodes) — 1,289 if you count the extra one second YouTube adds to every video embed. And 1,289 is a prime number, which is incredible when you think about. It's a conspiracy to the first order, divisible only by itself and The Verge. That's some crazy luck — and with it being Friday the 13th, the price of luck is unjustly inflated today.

Is your mind blown yet? Are you frothing at the mouth with anger over this inanity? That's okay, we have Ellis Hamburger here to sooth the savage beast in us all. You're welcome, world.

(PS, We're beta testing Ooyala's new video player — help us out!)

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