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Why Peter Jackson will screen clips from 'The Hobbit' at Comic Con in 2D at 24fps

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Peter Jackson will be showing clips from "The Hobbit" at Comic Con, but in 2D at 24fps.


Peter Jackson saw the widespread negative reaction to clips of The Hobbit, which was more about disliking how 48fps looked than any particular content within the clips themselves. His first response to hardcore fans was to say that "you'll settle into it" and his latest response is apparently to stop screening clips at the higher framerate. Instead, at Comic Con, he'll be showing new footage, but in 2D at 24fps. His reasoning? Jackson believes that you need to experience the entire movie at the higher framerate to appreciate it, and once you do it is "fully immersive, like stepping into Middle-earth." He also wants to ensure that after Comic Con the story is, well, the story and not how it looks at 48fps.

Jackson isn't backing down on what he sees as the future of film, however, writing that "As an industry, we have to push the current technology to provide more spectacular and immersive experience in the cinema, on a nice huge screen." Audiences will simply need to wait for The Hobbit to hit theaters to see if they agree.