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LinkedIn adds comments, likes, and trending stories to social news portal

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LinkedIn has introduced new social features to its LinkedIn Today portal in an apparent bid to compete with news discovery options on Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn Today screenshot
LinkedIn Today screenshot

Professional social network LinkedIn has revamped its news portal LinkedIn Today, adding the ability to "like" and comment on stories and a new section devoted to news currently "trending" in users' individual networks. Like Twitter's "Discover" section and Facebook's relatively recent "Trending Articles" box, the features seem designed to push the portal as a destination for news discovery.

As All Things D points out, the new features come just two weeks after Twitter's controversial decision to end its integration with LinkedIn, a move which caused many users' activity streams to appear slow and stale. They also follow a comprehensive redesign of the site back in mid-May, simplifying the user interface to make it appear more like a printed magazine.

"Trending in Your Network" integrates cleanly into the sidebar already occupied by suggested topics, saved articles, and customization options, taking the user to a dedicated page when clicked. "Like" and "Comment," meanwhile, are represented by familiar "thumbs up" and "speech bubble" icons directly beneath stories.