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Neustar, the company with access to every phone number in the US

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Virginia-based Neustar is a little-known company that happens to control a database of every single phone number in the country, worrying security and privacy experts.

Neustar reception
Neustar reception

BuzzFeed has published a great piece for conspiracy theorists, offering a look inside Neustar, a little-known firm that handles law enforcement requests for more than 400 telecoms companies across the US. Based in Virginia, Neustar began as a division inside Lockheed Martin, but was spun off in 1999 — it now provides services ranging from data request handling to security consulting and DRM administration. But it's Neustar's original role as a service for porting landline and cell phone numbers across networks that gives it its most valuable asset: a database containing every single phone number in the country. Head over to BuzzFeed to find out which other pies Neustar has its fingers in, and why it has privacy and security experts increasingly worried.