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RIM reportedly ordered to pay $147.2 million in enterprise server patent suit

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RIM has reportedly been ordered to pay $147.2 million in damages over a patent concerning how it manages devices connected to its BlackBerry exchange servers.

RIM Blackberry tour
RIM Blackberry tour

A lawsuit over RIM's wireless device management system could leave it paying $147.2 million or more in damages. Mformation Technologies, which sued RIM over patent infringement in 2008, told Reuters that a California jury has directed the phone maker to pay an $8 royalty for every device that connects to a RIM enterprise server, and that the verdict does not cover future or international damages. RIM, meanwhile, has said that it has pending motions that could overturn the verdict; it's previously argued that the technology Mformation patented was already in use at the time. If the verdict stands, it's not clear how difficult it would be for RIM to redesign the system around this patent. The current damages aren't anything it can't pay, but it's just another piece of bad luck for the struggling company, this time concerning the traditionally strong enterprise sector.