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Inkjet printers used to create abstract art

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Using nothing but inkjet printers, artist Campbell Laird has created a new series of unique abstract art pieces.

Inkjet printer art
Inkjet printer art

Printers may not be as big of a part of our lives as they once were, but that doesn't mean they don't have their uses. And for artist Campbell Laird that use is art. Laird's pieces consist of a simple vector shape that is printed on the same sheet of paper multiple times. For each pass the shape is changed in some way — it might be flipped or have the color swapped — and this process is repeated between 10-80 times. "I have very little idea of how the art will turn out," Laird explains. "It just grows organically with each new pass." Each piece represents 5-7 hours of work, and as Laird notes, the process can take its toll on your printer — in his case that means "thousands of dollars of damage." The price we pay for art.