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Play this: 'GL Invasion,' a shoot 'em up exercise in frustration built with WebGL

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GL Invasion is a WebGL-based shoot 'em up browser game with extreme levels of difficulty.

GL Invasion screencap
GL Invasion screencap

If you're the type of gamer with a penchant for frustration, GL Invasion should be right up your alley. Programmed using WebGL technologies by Jordi Ros (with graphics by Victor Royo), it's a bullet-hell shoot 'em up title that you can start playing right now in your browser of choice. With three defenses to choose from — plasma, laser, and shock — your sole task is to survive a constant bombardment of enemy firepower, a task we failed at rather miserably during our initial playthroughs. Make no mistake: it won't be an easy mission, and if you've been known to break a controller or two (perhaps a keyboard and mouse in this instance) you may want to avoid the stress altogether. Either way, the duo have crafted a nice, simple example of what WebGL is capable of. GL Invasion awaits you at the source below, and don't hesitate to boast about your high score via comments. If you can make it far in this game, you've frankly earned the recognition.