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Lexar announces XQD memory cards for Nikon D4, available Q3 2012

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Lexar this week announced plans to launch a new line of XQD memory cards, currently supported only by the Nikon D4 camera.

XQD logo macro
XQD logo macro

Lexar has been somewhat reluctant to adopt the new XQD memory card format, developed as a replacement for the CompactFlash card, but the company has now decided to make the jump. Last week, Lexar announced that it will indeed support the XQD specification with a new line of cards due out later this year. The format, based on PCI Express, was developed by SanDisk, Sony, and Nikon, and features write speeds of up to 125MB/s. Lexar collaborated with Nikon to develop its own XQD card, which is currently supported only by the Nikon D4 (the company says its cards will be compatible with future XQD-based models, as well). As of now, Sony is the only company actually selling cards in this format, though that will change by the third quarter of this year, when Lexar plans to bring its cards to market. The company didn't offer a more precise release date or price range, but we'll bring you those details as they emerge.