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CyanogenMod 9 and XBMC ported to Nexus Q as proofs of concept

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A CyanogenMod developer has managed to get the custom Android ROM running on Google's Nexus Q, alongside the XBMC media center.

CyanogenMod on Nexus Q
CyanogenMod on Nexus Q

Just a week after managing to launch Netflix on a Nexus Q, developer Jason Parker (aka "kornyone") is running a full version of the CyanogenMod custom Android ROM on Google's media streaming orb, with video evidence. It's an extremely basic implementation, providing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but lacking full sound support — still, as the CyanogenMod team points out on Google+, it's a real "indication of potential" for the somewhat limited device.

Parker's achievement follows hot on the heels of another success, getting a pre-built version of the open source XBMC media center to run on the Q. Again, its practical uses are limited — XBMC for Android is hardly out of the starting gate itself, and according to Android Police "the interface is still very much centered around arrow keys/a d-pad." If you'd like to give it a go, an APK is available here, with Parker providing in-depth app loading instructions over at xda-developers.