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HTC cancels Desire HD ICS upgrade due to 'poor' performance, says Telus

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According to a Telus document, the planned Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the Desire HD has been cancelled due to "poor device performance" in testing.

HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD owners have been waiting quite some time for an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, but it looks like all of that waiting may have been for naught. According to a document from Canadian carrier Telus, the Desire HD's planned upgrade to Android 4.0 has been cancelled. This in spite of the fact that HTC had previously announced that the smartphone, along with a host of others, would receive ICS "later this year." According to Telus, HTC cancelled the upgrade due to "poor device performance during testing" — though it's unclear whether this is limited to just Desire HD's on Telus. If that's the case, owners will just have to settle for less-official ways of getting ICS on their device.