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Steve Jobs urged Yelp's CEO not to sell to Google

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Yelp co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman reveals that Steve Jobs urged him not to give in to Google's advances.


Today Yelp is working with everyone from Apple to Microsoft to BMW, however things could have been different if the company had been acquired by Google back in 2010. In a profile in the SF Gate CEO and co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman explains that the company ultimately said no to Google, but it wasn't the only one against the deal — Steve Jobs called Stoppelman himself, telling the CEO to "stay independent and not sell out to Google." By that point Stoppelman says that the deal had already been turned down, but "Steve liked Yelp and wanted to make sure about Google."

"Steve liked Yelp and wanted to make sure about Google."

The profile also reveals that one of Yelp's most important features — its user reviews — weren't originally part of the plan for the service. "What we found after the failed launch was that writing reviews was popular," Stoppelman says. "We realized we had missed something there. We began to build a new site that was all about making review writing fun." Be sure to check out the entire profile at the source link below.