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LinkedIn homepage gets a much-needed visual redesign with a simpler interface

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LinkedIn has introduced a new simpler homepage today that should be rolling out to users over the next few weeks.

LinkedIn new homepage
LinkedIn new homepage

LinkedIn has seen fit to give its homepage an overhaul today that throws out the cluttered — and frankly outdated — style of old and meshes well with the recently-introduced social news portal. We haven't seen the new page for ourselves just yet, but a screenshot provided by the social network (below) shows a layout that's much easier on the eyes and looks to make scanning the page for information much simpler. The new style is vaguely reminiscent of Google+, with larger photos and comments that are automatically shown on the page below posts. The latter is a broad theme across the redesign — many of the manually expandable and collapsable fields from the prior homepage are gone, including the "show more..." button at the bottom of the page. Older posts will now appear at the bottom of the page automatically as you scroll to make up for the loss of the button. Additionally, the sidebar now offers a few more bits of glanceable information, like how many people have viewed your profile and statistics on your network. LinkedIn says that this is "just the beginning" and that it plans to offer more customization and functionality later this year, but for now the redesign should be hitting your account over the next few weeks.