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Motorola drops price of MotoACTV smartwatch to $149.99

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Motorola has just cut the price of its MotoACTV smartwatch / activity tracker by $100 — the 8GB model can now be had for $149.99.

Motorola MotoACTV
Motorola MotoACTV

While Motorola's MotoACTV watch might be just a small part of the company's portfolio, it has received a surprising amount of attention since launch with a large number of software updates. Now, Motorola's looking to expand its user base a bit by dropping the price a full $100 — it's now available on for $149.99 with 8GB of storage, $199.99 with 16GB of storage, and for $299.99 in a "multi-sport" edition (which simply collects the 8GB model with a variety of accessories). If you're into keeping track of your outdoor exercise, Motorola's option is now available at a more competitive price compared to other options like the Fitbit Ultra and Nike+ Fuelband.