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Alleged photos of LG Optimus Vu on Verizon leak

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The LG Optimus Vu is on its way to Verizon, if photos acquired by Android Police are to be believed.

verizon optimus vu (android police)
verizon optimus vu (android police)

Six months have passed since the announcement of LG's colossal Optimus Vu phone/tablet hybrid, so you could be forgiven for assuming it wouldn't be making its way to the US. However, if photos acquired by Android Police are to be believed, the Vu is in fact on its way to Verizon. The boxy 4:3 5-inch device has the unusual distinction of dwarfing a neighboring Samsung Galaxy S III, and has a Verizon logo on the front along with a 4G LTE etching on the back. Thankfully the Vu now looks to be running Android 4.0, which it wasn't back when we played with it at MWC. We'll have to wait for official confirmation on this, but it could be something for Verizon customers jealous of AT&T (and now T-Mobile)'s Galaxy Note.