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Windows Phone 8 will reportedly include screen capture functionality

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Microsoft is reportedly planning to build screen capture functionality into Windows Phone 8.

Gallery Photo: Windows Phone 8 new start screen
Gallery Photo: Windows Phone 8 new start screen

Despite iOS and most Android devices having screenshot capabilities baked in, Microsoft's Windows Phone doesn't officially support the feature. This is about to change in Windows Phone 8, according to WPDang. Microsoft is reportedly modifying its mobile OS to support screen capture through the Windows key and camera button. The screenshot will then be saved into the Photo hub in Windows Phone.

Although the feature is rarely used, it has been sorely missed by reviewers and developers alike. Jailbroken Windows Phones can take advantage of some homebrew third-party options, but native support in Windows Phone 8 will please those wishing to share their screens. Microsoft originally revealed some of its Windows Phone 8 features at a special event in June, opting not to mention a screenshot option. The software maker is expected to deliver the OS on new handsets in late October.