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Next iPhone will use in-cell technology to produce a thinner screen, says WSJ

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Apple is reportedly planning a thinner screen for its next iPhone.

iPhone 4S stock
iPhone 4S stock

We've heard rumors that the next iPhone's screen will measure "at least" 4 inches, but Apple may be planning to introduce a new display technology to ensure the screen remains thin. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is expected to use in-cell touch display technology, reducing the thickness of a device and ensuring it remains lightweight — perhaps in preparation for an increased screen size. Focus Taiwan originally reported in April that Apple's next-generation iPhone may include in-cell touch panels.

Existing iPhone 4S devices feature a screen that includes layers made out of the LCD, capacitive sensors, and glass. Apple's manufacturing process will reportedly eliminate a layer by combining the touch sensors into the LCD, reducing the overall thickness. LCD makers Sharp and Japan Display are said to be mass producing the panels for use in Apple's next iPhone which will likely appear later this year.