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Microsoft's Courier-like radial menu for OneNote Windows 8 (hands-on)

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Hands-on with Microsoft's new radial menu system in OneNote for WIndows 8.

OneNote for Windows 8
OneNote for Windows 8

Microsoft launched its Customer Preview of Office 2013 yesterday, providing an early look at the desktop versions of its next-generation Office suite. The software maker also announced and released a Metro style OneNote app for Windows 8, complete with a new radial menu system. Taking elements from Microsoft's Courier tablet, the new OneNote radial menu is the center piece for Microsoft's touch-centric note taking app. The radial menu includes quick access to font options and colors, as well as feature to insert and edit elements such as tables.

Microsoft has made sure the radial system in OneNote is contextual based on what type of activity you're using within OneNote. If you edit a table in OneNote then you'll get options for deleting rows for example, or if you use the pen accessory on a Windows 8 tablet then you'll get a radial menu to edit and delete parts of the digital ink. Overall, the new system feels like a great way to manage touch-based productivity apps and I would like to have seen this in the Office 2013 desktop apps.