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Bertrand Serlet, founding father of Mac OS X, joins Parallels

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Bertrand Serlet, a former-Apple man who was heavily involved in the development of OS X, has joined visualization company Parallels.

bertrand serlet
bertrand serlet

Bertrand Serlet, former Senior Vice President (SVP) of Software Engineering at Apple, has joined visualization and automation company Parallels. Most known for its desktop app for OS X, Parallels offers Mac users the ability to run a virtualization of Windows within the boundaries of Apple's operating system. As well as its more consumer-facing applications, the company provides server visualization software and Parallels Automation, a software suite which automates the delivery and billing of services.

Serlet joined Apple from Steve Jobs' NeXT team, and was heavily involved in the development of OS X. In 2003 he became SVP of Software Engineering and was responsible for overseeing the release of Apple's OS X Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. Apple fans may remember him for some high-level trolling of Microsoft Windows Vista back at WWDC 2006.

After leaving Apple last year to "focus less on products and more on science," Serlet was recently rumored to be working on a cloud-based startup. He joins Parallels as a non-executive board member, and says he will draw on his time at Apple to "help guide Parallels as it continues on its impressive growth trajectory."