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Google captures 360-degree images of century-old Antarctic explorer huts

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As part of its World Wonders project, Google has captured 3D images of some historical locations in the Antarctic.

Google Maps Antarctic hut
Google Maps Antarctic hut

Google Maps is a great way to find out how to get where you need to be, but it's also slowly becoming an excellent tool for exploring places you might not otherwise get to visit — like the Antarctic, for instance. Google has added some additional Street View images of the area as part of its World Wonders project, letting you check out 360-degree, panoramic images of places like the huts that explorers like Ernest Shackleton lived in while exploring the region a century ago. The team used the same tripod camera that's used to capture interior locations for Google Maps, and Google says that the goal is to create "the most accurate, high-resolution data of these important historic locations." You can explore the site here, and thankfully you won't need to dress warmly.