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StyleTap emulator brings Palm OS to Android for $49.95

StyleTap emulator brings Palm OS to Android for $49.95


Starting today, StyleTap's Palm OS emulator is now available on Android devices for $49.95.

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The late era of Palm OS and was a time of productivity: the platform supported barcode scanners, database applications, and even Wi-Fi radios near the end of its life cycle (at that point known as Palm OS Garnet). As of today, you can again access these utilitarian apps — or a quick game of classic Bejeweled — on Android devices using StyleTap's Palm OS emulator.

While support for Android is new, StyleTap's emulator has been available for Windows Mobile, iOS, and Symbian for some time now. The emulator is likely to be most valuable to business or industrial customers that need to continue to use the outdated software that, for example, might have come with an expensive piece of machinery.

All of the internal hardware and software functions a normal Palm OS device are supported by the emulator, but commercial customers will find the lack of an external serial port a little burdensome. Unfortunately for the everyday-user who just wants to re-live the joys of Pilot Mines, the StyleTap emulator comes with a business-class price at $49.95 per license. Luckily, the emulator is available to download now (through sideloading only) with a 14-day trial, so even if you don't have an industrial robot sorting machine from the early 2000s, you can still tap your way down memory lane.