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Skype rolling out fix for instant messaging bug, says Android and iOS not affected

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Skype is rolling out a fix for its desktop and Windows Phone clients, fixing a bug that caused instant messages to be sent to the wrong user.

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Skype logo stock
Skype logo stock

Skype is delivering on its promise to fix a "rare" instant messaging bug — at least on some operating systems. The bug, which affected multiple platforms, caused some instant messages to be sent to the wrong contact. Skype says that the bug occurred only when the user's Skype client crashed and they logged back in. It's also said that early reports of the problem on Android and iOS were erroneous, and that some versions of Skype for Windows did not contain the bug. "We can assure that users of Skype 5.9 for Windows, Skype 2.8 for Android and Skype 4.0 for iOS have not been affected."

The fix applies to Skype 5.10 for Windows, Skype 5.8 for Mac, Skype 4.0 for Linux, and Skype 1.2 for Windows Phone. It should be available soon at the main Skype download page, with release notes here. The desktop patch also includes a fix for saving files sent on a FAT32-formatted hard drive.