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The Verge app now available for Android and iOS!

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The Verge apps come to Android and iOS

Verge iOS and Android apps
Verge iOS and Android apps

You've waited, you've watched, you've sent angry letters to our homes and offices — and now the day is finally here. Yes, The Verge has been unleashed in the App and Play Stores, and you can go and download version 1.0 of our mobile apps right this moment. We've been working hard to bring core features of the site into a more appy environment, and we think we've got some goodies that you're going to enjoy. For starters, not only is our news, review, and feature content readily available, we've included quick access to all of our photo galleries, videos, and podcasts. And yes, videos play just fine on both iOS and Android.

Commenting is fully intact, and sorting options to quickly jump from hubs, to brands, to the latest news are just a touch away. Furthermore, we've laced in our StoryStream technology to not only let you easily view the latest updates to an ongoing piece of news, but to also allow you to track a story you're interested in. Just tap the "follow" button on a StoryStream, and the content gets deposited into your own curated list of stories. Every time there's a new update, you'll be notified in the app. It's pretty handy.

Keep in mind, this is just our first pass at mobile experiences, and we think we have a long way to go before we're delivering the perfect product. We're going to keep tweaking and iterating on these apps, and we welcome feedback from you guys to make it even better. So go get downloading and let us know what you think!