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Microsoft reveals upcoming Office for Windows Phone 8 features

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Microsoft has revealed its Office for Windows Phone 8 changes.

Windows Phone 8 Office
Windows Phone 8 Office

Microsoft has revealed the look and feel for its future Office for Windows Phone 8 software today. In a company blog post, Microsoft's John Jendrezak details some of the upcoming features, improvements, and interface changes. Discussing the new roaming settings service and Resume Reading features in Office 2013, that let you resume where you left off with settings intact, Jendrezak says "these features extend to your mobile device as well."

The software maker also revealed the new user interface for Office in Windows Phone 8 with a recent section that provides access to the latest cloud synced documents you may have edited elsewhere. Microsoft says it's also optimizing its Office Web Apps for smartphone use, including new "touch-friendly" UI controls. The changes to Office on mobile will debut in Windows Phone 8 later this year when Microsoft's hardware partners start to ship devices with the new operating system.