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New Nexus 7 16GB orders shipping in three to four weeks from Google Play

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The Google Play Store now says that the 16GB Nexus 7 will ship in three to four weeks, and it appears that Google is having trouble keeping up with demand for the new tablet.

Nexus 7 box
Nexus 7 box

The Nexus 7 may be Google's big play at the tablet market, but the ASUS-made device certainly hasn't been easy to come by. While the 7-inch tablet did meet its mid-July launch date, supplies have been low ever since it started shipping, and now the US Google Play Store says that new orders of the 16GB tablet won't ship for another three to four weeks. The first-party store and other retailers began selling the device last week, but most places still have extremely limited stock or none at all. If you're willing to limit yourself to 8GB of onboard storage, the Nexus 7 will ship in one to two weeks from Google Play. We've yet to hear any sales numbers from Google or ASUS (and we don't expect we'll be given any), so it's unclear if the shortages are due to overwhelming demand, limited supplies, or both, but there's no doubting that you might have some issues getting your hands on it for the time being.

Update: Clarified post to note that the US Google Play Store is listing the new three to four week shipping timeframe.