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Evernote on Android updated with improved tablet interface

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Evernote for Android has hit version 4.1, bringing a new home screen designed just for tablets.

Nexus 7 Evernote
Nexus 7 Evernote

Back in May the Android version of Evernote hit version 4.0, bringing with it a redesigned look and several new features. Today's update to 4.1 keeps all of those changes and adds a few tweaks to improve the experience for tablet users. If you're using the note-taking app on a tablet you'll notice a new home screen designed with the larger display in mind, in addition to new swipe interactions, a redesigned Note List, and a new tablet-focused List View. Meanwhile, both tablet and smartphone users can now add sublists to their lists, as well as enjoy "faster and more reliable" slideshows. You can grab the update now from the Google Play link below — and don't worry, Evernote says that the app will now work "beautifully" on your new Nexus 7.