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Location sharing iOS app Twist officially released; Android version in development

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Twist, an app that sends location-based SMS notifications while users travel, is now out of beta and officially launched for iOS.

twist (verge stock)
twist (verge stock)

Remember Twist, the free iOS app that sends location-based status updates to friends when you're commuting? After sitting quietly in the app store for a while, Twist is now out of beta and ready for launch. It's much the same as the version we took a look at last week, but with a few extra features, primarily integration with Twitter and Facebook. The core premise is pretty simple: users set a location they're traveling to and people to notify, and the app periodically checks the location and sends a text message (or push notification if both parties are using Twist) with an estimated arrival time upon leaving, halfway through the trip, and just before reaching the destination.

So far, Twist is iOS-only, but the team is apparently working on an Android version as well, and users can sign up to receive information about it here. As we mentioned before, sending notifications requires the app, but receiving them doesn't, so there's no downside to being an early adopter. You can check it out on the App Store here.