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LivingSocial delves into physical goods with new online retail shop

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LivingSocial has launched a new online shop where users can buy discounted goods all based around a particular theme.

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LivingSocial Shop
LivingSocial Shop

Earlier this year LivingSocial expanded its service by letting users order takeout, and today it's expanding even further by selling physical goods through the new LivingSocial Shop. The new digital storefront features weekly collections of products all based around a theme — "Beach Bound" is the debut collection, and it includes everything from water bottles and towels to chairs and umbrellas. Future collections will cover things like back to school and backyard parties, and each one will be available for seven days.

Purchased goods are delivered directly to your home, and as you'd expect from the daily deals service, the featured products are all offered at a discount from their normal retail price. According to Yipit — a site that tracks daily deals from companies like LivingSocial and Groupon — the shop has been in testing in Cincinnati since June, earning LivingSocial an estimated $39,000 in revenue. Last September competitor Groupon launched a similar service called Groupon Goods.