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Astro aims to bring time-lapsed panning to the video-shooting masses

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Kickstarter project Astro is an intervalometer / motion controller for time lapse photography. It's controlled by twisting a trio of stacked rings to set the duration, sweep angle, and shot frequency.

Astro (Kickstarter)
Astro (Kickstarter)

If you’ve ever thought about trying to add some slick-looking motion control or time lapse photography into your filmmaking (see the video below), a new Kickstarter project called Astro looks to offer a simple, brand-agnostic solution for not much more than a standard intervalometer. The device looks like an anodized aluminum hockey puck and uses three rotating rings to set your duration, sweep angle, and shot frequency. One thing worth noting is that the Astro communicates with your camera through the cable release port, which not every body has. Those with incompatible entry-level DSLRs and mirrorless cameras like Sony’s NEX line (and who are willing to give up motion control) would be better off with something that uses IR instead, like the Timelapse+. If you have the requisite port, though, a $180 pledge will score you an Astro, assuming the team meets its $50,000 goal by August 25th.