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Play this: 'The Bravest Man'

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The Bravest Man is an interactive mobile experience designed to showcase the mobile Chrome apps abilities.

The bravest man Chrome app
The bravest man Chrome app

The Bravest Man is equal parts music video, game, and tech demo. Built to showcase the mobile Chrome app's multimedia chops and Bobby Womack's dulcet tones, it uses CSS3 and JavaScript to allow rich touch interaction within your mobile browser. You'll help an astronaut taking a journey to his home planet through asteroid fields, solar flares, and other scenarios by swiping, tapping, and pinching the screen.

As a technological showpiece it's very impressive — the animation is smooth and the touch response instantaneous. As a game, or even interactive experience, it's limited by the lack of consequence to your actions. You could not touch the screen for the duration of the game and still see the same animations, story, and ending.

Unsurprisingly, The Bravest Man works best with Chrome for Android and iOS, but it will run reasonably well on Safari for iOS as well — we had some loading issues over multiple devices but once it was up and running there weren't any issues. We tried it with the stock Android browser and Internet Explorer for Windows Phone with no luck.