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Microsoft reportedly preparing 'Wedge' line of Windows 8 keyboards

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Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch a new range of Wedge keyboards for Windows 8 PCs.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard
Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft's "reimagining" of its Windows 8 operating system and company brand may also stretch to its own line of hardware keyboards too. Czech Republic-based WinMag claims it has received images of a Wedge Mobile keyboard, complete with the redesigned Windows logo. The Wedge Mobile keyboard looks to be a small keyboard designed for mobile use and appears to include some type of cover.

The Wedge keyboard will be "introduced very soon" according to the site, and will be sold together with Windows 8. Microsoft previously revealed that its hardware partners will start to use the new Windows logo on PCs and phones later this year, with the company's Surface device adopting it too. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment on this apparent new range of keyboards and we'll update you accordingly.