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Samsung announces MV900F camera with Wi-Fi, gesture control, and self-portrait features

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Samsung released the MV900F today, a $399 digital camera with some useful features and capabilities.

Gallery Photo: Samsung MV900F hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Samsung MV900F hands-on pictures

Samsung's always marched to the beat of its own drummer when it comes to digital cameras, from the two screens on the DualView shooters to the Wi-Fi connectivity that's permeating all its models. The new MV900F point-and-shoot doesn't deviate from the plan, adding a bunch of out-there features to an otherwise fairly normal spec sheet. The 16.3-megapixel MV900F has Wi-Fi built-in, so you can do things like use your phone as a viewfinder or easily share photos from your camera to Flickr or Facebook. Its 3.3-inch AMOLED display flips up 180 degrees, so you can point both screen and lens at yourself to frame a self-portrait.

The f/2.5 lens and 5x zoom can be controlled by gestures — you move your arms in a circle to zoom in or out, and if you move your arm up and down twice, the MW900F takes a photo. (We're not sure if Samsung intentionally made zooming the "wax on, wax off" move from Karate Kid, and then made the shutter activation "paint the fence," but we'd like to assume it was on purpose.) When we tested the gestures, they worked relatively well; we had to be a minimum distance away from the camera and there couldn't be anything particularly bright in the shot, but when we were framed properly the gestures were easy and worked reliably.

The MV900F also comes with a number of shooting filters and scene modes, going beyond the typical colorizing set — you can add a wig to your subject, or even add them into a crazy background, all on the camera. There are some more typical features, too, like a new Low Light shot mode that works like HDR, taking shots at different exposures and merging them together, but instead of looking for dynamic range it tries to create a blur-free, noise-free shot. It will be available in white, black, red, and pink, and will be out late August for $349.99.