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Watch This: explore the art of logo design with PBS 'Off Book'

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The latest episode of PBS' Off Book series explores just what it takes to make a great, memorable logo.

PBS Off Book logo
PBS Off Book logo

A logo is an important part of any brand, whether you're trying to breath some new life into a well known company or launch something completely new. The latest episode of PBS' Off Book series — which in the past has explored topics like 8-bit games and Reddit — delves into the process of designing a logo, looking at everything from their history to the factors that make for a great one. "A great logo is memorable, it's appropriate to the brand, and it's simple so that it can work everywhere, and look the same in every situation," says designer Sagi Haviv. The six-minute-long mini-documentary even gets a bit meta, discussing how the Off Book logo itself came to be. You can check out the whole thing in the video below.