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AT&T CEO doesn't deny FaceTime 3G data packages, says 'it’s too early to talk about pricing'

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AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said the company is working with Apple to finalize the FaceTime 3G technology, and that "it’s too early to talk about pricing" for a premium FaceTime data package.

FaceTime 3G Warning Message
FaceTime 3G Warning Message

We heard yesterday of a rumor that AT&T was going to require a special data package of some sort for customers to use FaceTime over 3G in iOS 6, and now the carrier's CEO Randall Stephenson has something to say about it. TechCrunch quoted the CEO at Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2012 yesterday, where he said AT&T is working with Apple to finalize the technology, and that "it’s too early to talk about pricing." That certainly isn't a denial by any stretch, and combined with the screenshots from iOS 6 Beta 3 leaked by 9to5Mac it's looking like a data package add-on like the one currently required for tethering may be in order. Stephenson was also questioned about a report from earlier this year regarding the idea of "toll-free" data — in which app creators, not users, would pay usage charges. The CEO said that some app developers had specifically asked for such a feature, and that he thinks it'd help those who have "business models premised on traffic" and would like to remove the worry of data caps from their customers' minds.