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AT&T now lets you charge Samsung Media Hub purchases directly to your phone bill

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Users can now charge film and TV purchases from Samsung's Media Hub directly to their monthly AT&T bill.

AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

If you're using a Samsung smartphone on AT&T, you can now add purchases and rentals from Samsung's Media Hub directly to your carrier bill. The service, which comes pre-loaded on devices like the Galaxy S III, lets users both rent and buy movies and TV shows on their phone, which can then also be watched on up to five other Media Hub-supported devices. So you could by a movie on your phone, for instance, watch it on your Galaxy Tab or Samsung DVD player, and have the cost added directly to your monthly AT&T bill.

In addition to the S III, Media Hub carrier billing is also available on the Captivate and Exhilarate, and Samsung says that it's coming to both the Note and Galaxy S II once they're upgraded to Android 4.0. With the announcement Samsung has deferred a rather important part of its media store to AT&T, but of course it's not the only one. Google has let users add Android app purchases to their carrier bill for some time, and earlier this year it added the option to charge movies, music, and books as well — though it's only available on select carriers.