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O2 apologizes after service outage, offers customers 10 percent refunds

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UK telecom O2 has released an apology to the customers affected by last week's service outage and will be offering each a 10 percent discount, representing three days of service.


After O2 remedied the data, text, and voice outages that bedeviled one-third of its customers last week, the UK telecom has posted an apology on its blog. O2 has identified all the customers who were affected by the outage and will be giving each one "the equivalent of three days back for the disruption as a gesture of goodwill." Pay Monthly subscribers will get a discount of 10 percent off of their July bill, and Pay & Go customers will receive an additional 10 percent credit on their next top-up. The telecom will also be giving away £10 vouchers to affected customers that can be used in its physical or online stores.

O2 is also contacting businesses about last week's problems - those with fewer than 10 employees will be sent text messages explaining the company's stance on the outage while larger firms will work through their account managers.Thus far O2 has been reluctant to offer too many details about the registration issue that caused the outage or what the company has done to prevent this from happening again. While details would be nice, these discounts are sure to help smooth things over.