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Steve Kim 'ceiling cat' prints now available for purchase!

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Steve Kim's art print, "Digital Death (Absurdity)."

Digital Death (Absurdity)
Digital Death (Absurdity)

You may have noticed that a recent piece we published, "Not fade away," by Maria Bustillos (if you haven't read it, you should), had some pretty amazing artwork.

The drawings are the work of Steve Kim, who created the two custom pieces of art for The Verge for it. Steve graciously worked with us over the course of a few weeks to come up with the two pieces, which are stunning and eerily perfect for the story Maria tells. We couldn't have been more pleased with how the piece turned out, and I'm happy to announce that Steve is now making available prints of one of the drawings.

Entitled "Digital Death (Absurdity)," this drawing features multiple Ceiling Cats and a lone female face in the center of the confusion. Steve's prints are available in two sizes: you can get a 20 x 30 print for $100, or an 18 x 24 print for $80. The prints can be purchased at the link below in the source.