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Samsung's 75-inch ES9000 flagship smart LCD TV coming to US for $9,999 in August with 'Angry Birds'

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Samsung is bringing the 75-inch ES9000 LCD smart TV to the US next month for $9,999.99. It will come with a gesture-controlled copy of "Angry Birds" and four pairs of 3D glasses.

Samsung ES9000 smart tv press
Samsung ES9000 smart tv press

Samsung has got a new top dog in the US: the 75-inch ES9000 LCD TV is making its way over from Asia. The company's flagship TV doesn't just have a massive screen: Samsung is focusing on its luxurious design with a 0.31-inch curved bezel that's clad in a seamless "rose-gold-colored" finish and features a hidden, pop-up webcam. No word yet on detailed specifications, but it has local LED backlighting and is said to have the highest contrast ratio of any Samsung smart TV to-date. Of course, the exorbitant set is loaded with all of Samsung's advanced apps and features present in its high-end TVs, including Smart Interaction gesture controls, Smart Evolution system upgrades, and Smart Content videos and games. There is a bit of a surprise here, however: Samsung is bundling in the first ever gesture-controlled copy of Angry Birds with the ES900 as well as all 2012 LED 7500 / Plasma 8000 TVs and up. What's all of that going to cost you? $9,999 when it launches in next month, but don't worry, that price includes four pairs of 3D glasses to help it all sting a bit less.