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    Bing now offering Foursquare tips alongside search results

    Bing now offering Foursquare tips alongside search results


    Bing today began offering Foursquare integration inside the search provider's "People Who Know" sidebar.

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    Bing became a bit more social (and useful) today with the integration of Foursquare into the search provider's "Friends Know" sidebar. Now whenever you search for a destination, Bing will automatically provide tips from Foursquare users about that particular spot to complement your typical search results. The content you see from Foursquare will vary depending on venue and your geographical location: searching for Chipotle in New York City and San Francisco will bring up tips specific to each region, for example.

    We've known Microsoft has been working to include Foursquare data in Bing results ever since the company launched a redesigned search portal, and it's nice to see Redmond extending the functionality of its "People Who Know" sidebar — one of the best aspects of the new Bing experience. For now, only those in the United States will see tips displayed along with with their search queries. The rollout begins today, and Microsoft promises the frequency and volume of Foursquare tips will both increase over time. The company also says we can look forward to new partners appearing within the social bar in the coming weeks and months.