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HP's open source Enyo 2 app framework goes gold, not just for webOS anymore

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The HP-supported Enyo team has released Enyo 2, a web-based app framework that grew out of roots on the webOS platform.

Enyo logo
Enyo logo

Version 2 of the web-based Enyo application framework — an integral part of HP's roadmap to launch Open webOS 1.0 later this year — has just exited beta and is now available for developers to use. Unlike Enyo 1, which was designed specifically for the TouchPad and other doomed webOS products, Enyo 2 is intended to be a completely platform-independent library that can be used to create apps that work across a variety of browsers and mobile devices. Among other changes, the gold release includes a new set of "polished" widgets — menus, pickers, and tree controls — along with a new check-in process that the Enyo team believes will make it easier for the community (read: not HP employees) to contribute large amounts of code to the platform.

Uptake of Enyo 2 in the web development community will be an important metric to watch over the coming months; the team says that its vision of a "web-centric future [...] won't come to pass overnight," but the final code drop is an important checkpoint nonetheless.