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Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse image leaks, priced at $60.99

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Microsoft may also be preparing to introduce a new Wedge Touch mouse alongside a rumored Wedge Mobile keyboard.

Wedge touch mouse
Wedge touch mouse

Microsoft's IntelliMouse might be a status symbol of the company's hardware efforts, but it's clear the software giant is pushing forwards with radical mouse and keyboard designs these days. After a rumored Wedge Mobile keyboard image emerged earlier today, a freshly leaked picture of a purported Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse has made its way onto the web. WinFuture claims the mouse will accompany the introduction of its Wedge keyboard counterpart and will include a "360 degree scrolling function."

From the leaked image, it appears that the mouse could be some type of multitouch device, perhaps similar to the company's existing Touch Mouse that's designed for Windows 7. We'd expect to see a whole host of new mouse and keyboard sets from Microsoft in time for Windows 8, and if a Best Buy listing is accurate then the Wedge touch mouse will be priced at $60.99 and the Wedge Mobile keyboard at $68.99. Microsoft isn't commenting about its Wedge range, simply stating the company "does not comment on rumors and speculation."

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