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Evernote for Mac updated with Retina display support and Activity Stream

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Version 3.2 of Evernote for Mac brings support for the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, as well as a new feature called Activity Stream.

Evernote Mac 3.2
Evernote Mac 3.2

The Mac version of note-taking app Evernote has been updated, adding the Activity Stream feature and a visual upgrade to support the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Just like in the Windows version, the new Activity Stream section lets you view the most recent changes for shared notebooks — you can see things like if someone new has joined the notebook, or what notes have been added or deleted. Meanwhile, the team says that "every button, texture, shadow, and image" has been upgraded to support Apple's newest laptop, though at the moment version 3.2 of Evernote is only available from the company's website — if you downloaded it from the Mac App Store you'll need to wait until Apple approves the update to get the changes.